Acoustic Guitar Instruction

After completing Levels One through Three, you’ll be able to play the four most popular chords in pop songs!

Level One Instruction Video: Learn basic G, C and Em chords with a basic strum.

Level One Assessment Acoustic Guitar Video

Level Two Instruction Video: Learn full G, C, Em & Dsus chords

Level Two Assessment Acoustic Guitar Video

Level Three Instruction Video: Learn D major chord and a new strumming pattern.

Level Three Assessment Acoustic Guitar Video

Here’s a video demonstrating how to tune your guitar.

Upon completion of Level Three, you are ready to play songs! Below you will find a video on how to find songs and to change the chords to G, Em, C and D.

How to Find Songs with Google Video

How to Use a Capo video — coming super soon! 🙂

You can continue learning guitar chords and fingerpicking techniques on the Upper School Guitar Page.

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