Upper School Concert Band

Moldau Graduation Project Instructions:

Step One: Downloading & Practicing with Backing Tracks in GarageBand: video link

Step Two: Recording Audio of You Playing Your Part: video link

Troubleshooting microphone problems: video link

Step Three: Exporting your recording to mp3: video link

January Composition Project Instructions:

Step One: Create a harmonized major scale in the key of C. (PDF lesson in email)

Step Two: Compose a 16-bar chord progression. (PDF lesson in email)

Step Three: Write a 4-bar motif. (PDF lesson in email)

Step Four: Expand that 4-bar motif to 16 bars. (PDF lesson in email)

Step Five: Add a bass line to the comp project. Here’s a video!

Step Six: Adjust EQ and add reverb to each track. Here’s a video!

Step Seven: Final volume balance and export as mp3. Here’s a video!

Bonus video of arranging your verse chorus to a full song. Here’s a video

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