ISP Music Standard: Perform

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In the Woodshed
Description: The woodshed is where you work on your playing technique. You will set a goal (to improve some aspect of your playing or learn a new technique) and work to achieve your goal which will be evidenced by creating a video of your playing for Mr. E to watch.
Timeframe: Flexible. The time this will take depends on your goal.
Make a Video playing along with a Song
Description: You will choose a song of your choice, learn your instrument’s part and then make a video playing along with it.
Timeframe: This project will take probably four to six periods to learn, perform and share the song.
Perform a song with classmates using iMovie or Acapella App
Description: You will learn to perform one part of a song and a classmate (s) will learn another. Then using either iMovie or the new Acapella App for phones, you will create one video. You will submit this video to Mr. E for your evaluation, but he won’t share it.
Timeframe: The timeframe of this project involves learning the song, recording, and any postproduction work necessary (depending on which software you use).
Perform a song with your family members
Description: You will learn a song with at least one other family member. Sharing a video of this song with Mr. E would be great, but you can also share a photo of your family playing together with a short written description for your evaluation as well.
Timeframe: The time frame depends on how long it takes for your family to learn how to play the song and then scheduling a time to perform. (Perhaps, after dinner in the kitchen? :). )
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