ISP Rock Band Music Standard: Listen

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Watch an concert or musical
Description: You can spread out the watching of a two-hour musical over four class periods. The musicals can be operas or Broadway or even Disney. For your evaluation, you’ll submit your general thoughts about how the music and songs added to the overall experience of watching the play/movie. You evaluation can be in written, video or audio recording.
Timeframe: This project depends on the length of the musical with an additional class period to write, video, or record your general thoughts; most likely five class periods.
Study a band or artist’s history and songs
Description: Using the internet to research important moments and songs in an artist’s career, you can research an artist in whom you have interest. Be sure to listen to their key recordings. For your evaluation, you will submit a general overview of their career and your thoughts on their music. Your evaluation can be written, video, or audio recording.
Timeframe: This project will most likely take four to five class periods.
Study what makes a good chord progression or melody
Description: Using what we’ve learned in class about music theory, you can choose to investigate strong melodies in songs you like or investigate their strong chord progressions. For your evaluation, you’ll submit a summary of your findings, which could be in written form or video or audio.
Timeframe: This project would take approximately five to six class periods.
Compare two artists, bands or a genre of music
Description: Maybe you’ve always been interested in the connection between two bands, or perhaps classical music and film music or rap and rock? For this project, you’ll tell Mr. E what you want to compare and why you’re interested. Then, for your evaluation, you will submit a short analysis finding – either written or perhaps video or audio.
Timeframe: One day to find links, two days per genre, and two days of summary. This project should take around five to six class periods.
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