Piano Instruction

After completing Levels One through Three, you’ll be able to play the four most popular chords in pop songs on piano!

Level One Piano Instruction Video: Learn right hand chords: C, F, G, and Am

Level One Piano Assessment Video

Level Two Piano Instruction Video: Add left hand bass notes to C, F, G and Am

Level Two Piano Assessment Video

Level Three Piano Instruction Video: Develop independence between left & right hands

Level Three Piano Assessment Video

Upon completion of Level Three, you are ready to play songs! Below you will find a video on how to find songs and to change the chords to C, Am, F and G.

How to Find Songs with Google and change chords to C, Am, F & G Video

Instead of playing songs, you can continue developing your piano technique with the videos below.

Using different chord shapes for smooth chord changes (voice leading) video (coming soon!)

Playing beautiful arpeggios on piano video (coming soon!)

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